- List of Asean Standards approved/withdrawn/amended in 1996 (Indonesia) : SNI 19-4000-1996
Terms of definitions related to low-cycle fatigue
testing at constant-amplitude test

SNI 19-4001-1996
Creep-rupture test method for metallic materials

SNI 19-4002 -1996
Tensile-creep test method of metallic materials

SNI 19-4003-1996
Standard practice for presentation of phase diagram

SNI 19-4004-1996
Vertification of static uniaxial testing machines

SNI 19-4005-1996
Terms of definitions related to electromagnetic testing

SNI 05-4006-1996
Eddy current examination method for installed non ferromagnetic heat exchanger tubing

SNI 07-4007-1996
Eddy current examination of steel tubular products using magnetic saturation

SNI 07-4008-1996
Preparation and use of tension stress corrosion test specimens

SNI 07-4009-1996
Stress-corrosion cracking of high - strength aluminium alloys

SNI 10-4010-1996
Quality examination of marine hull construction at assembling phase

SNI 10-4011-1996
Quality examination of marine hull construction at sub-assembling phase

SNI 05-4012-1996
Leak testing method for water valves

SNI 11-4013-1996
Specification and test method for termite welding fittings of railway rails

SNI 17-4014-1996
Static test for aircraft passenger seats

SNI 09-4015-1996
Specification and test method of webbing for safety belt of motor vehicles

SNI 07-4016-1996
Determination of equivalence of light C channel steel by static deflection test

SNI 05-4017-1996
Measurement of gas fluid flow by Nosel Ventury critical flow

SNI 01-4018-1996

SNI 01-4019-1996
Fruits wine

SNI 01-4020-1996
Rice wine

SNI 01-4021-1996

SNI 01-4022-1996

SNI 01-4023-1996

SNI 01-4024-1996

SNI 01-4025-1996

SNI 01-4026-1996

SNI 01-4027-1996

SNI 01-4028-1996

SNI 01-4029-1996

SNI 01-4030-1996
Banana flakes

SNI 01-4031-1996
Potatoes chips

SNI 01-4032-1996
Canned baby corn

SNI -01-4033-1996
Canned bamboo shoot

SNI 01-4034-1996
Crush peanut with coconut palm sugar

SNI 06-4036-1996
Sheep/goat casual gloves leather

SNI 06-4036-1996
Nubuk cow leather for upper leather

SNI 08-4037-1996
Terminology for kat woven craft textiles

SNI 08-4038-1996
Terms and definitions for songket woven craft textile

SNI 08-4039-1996
Silk batik

SNI 11-4040-1996
Polyethylene rail base for railway rails elastic ties

SNI 11-4041-1996
Metal insulators for railway rail elastic ties

SNI 09-4042-1996
Compressed asbestos gaskets for two-wheel motor

SNI 09-4043-1996
Aluminium gasket for two-wheel motor vehicles

SNI 09-4044-1996
Asbestos metal sheet gaskets for two-wheel motor

SNI 09-4045-1996
Assembling test procedures for ball studs and sockets

SNI 09-4046-1996
Flexible shafts for speedometers and tacho- graphs of motor vehicles

SNI 09-4047-1996
Ignition coils for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4048-1996
Low voltage cables for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4049-1996
High voltage cables for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4050-1996
Ammeters for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4051-1996
Starter switches for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4052-1996
Mechanical stop lamp switches for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4053-1996
Halogen lamps for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4054-1996
Mechanical speedometers for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4055-1996
Incandescence lamp for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4056-1996
Method of high and low temperature test for motor vehicle parts

SNI 05-4057-1996
Clamps for jig and fixture

SNI 05-4058-1996
Hexagon nuts for jig and fixture

SNI 19-4059-1996
Plastic bags for plant cultivation

SNI 03-4060-1996
PVC floor tiles

SNI 03-4061-1996
Granito floor tile

SNI 03-4062-1996
Glazed ceramic floor tiles

SNI 15-4063-1996
Specification and construction of wooden die for hollow red bricks

SNI 15-4064-1996
Specification and construtiori of low pressure gas burners

SNI 15-4065-1996
Specification and construction of wooden turn- tables

SNI 15-4066-1996
Specification and construction of chamber filter press

SNI 15-4067-1996
Refillable pressure glass bottles for beverages

SNI 06-4068-1996
Tyres for agriculture

SNI 06-4069-1996
Off the road tyres

SNI 06-4070-1996
Industrial tyres

SNI 19-4071-1996
Drop test method for loaded boxes

SNI 19-4072-1996
Vibration test method for loaded boxes

SNI 05-4073-1996
Nomenclature of pliers

SNI 08-4074-1996
Test method for dimensions of carpets

SNI 06-4075-1996
Liquid detergent

SNI 07-4076-1996
Method of free bend test for butt welded joint

SNI 07-4077-1996
Method of tension and impact test for deposited welded metals

SNI 07-4078-1996
Method of Pascalas heat treatment

SNI 05-4079-1996
Test method for compressed asbestos gaskets

SNI 09-4080-1996
Motor vehicles - Hydraulic braking systems - Pipes, tape holes and male fitting

SNI 15-4081-1996
Glass bottles for pasteurized milk

SNI 15-4082-1996
Glass vials for injection medicine

SNI 06-4083-1996
Test method of adhesive strength of cover paint on leather

SNI 09-4084-1996
Dimensional characteristic of attachment on hub of wheels for commercial vehicles

SNI 06-4085-1996
Liquid toilet soap

SNI 01-4086-1996
Stevia sugar

SNI 01-4087-1996
Artificial feeds for fresh water cat fish

SNI 08-4088-1996
Rayon batik

SNI 08-4089-1996
Test method for colour fastness to water

SNI 08-4090-1996
Test method for determination of number of tufts and/or loops per unit length and per unit area of carpets

SNI 09-4091-1996
Tachograph for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4092-1996
Back-up lamp switches for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4093-1996
Temperature indicators for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4094-1996
Fuel level gauges for motor vehicles

SNI 09-4095-1996
Oil pressure gauges for motor vehicles

SNI 07-4096-1996
Steel sheet and aluminium - zinc alloy - coated rolls

SNI 09-4097-1996
Safety belts for motor vehicles

SNI 03-4098-1996
Split floor tiles

SNI 09-4099-1996
General rules of dust test for motor vehicles

SNI 05-4100-1996
Ball joints

SNI 01-4101-1996
Bojonegoro virginia cut tobacco

SNI 01-4102-1996
Temanggung cut tobacco

SNI 01-4103-1996
Frozen red nila fish fillet

SNI 01-4104-1996
Frozen loin tuna fish

SNI 01-4105-1996

SNI 01-4106-1996
Presto bandeng fish

SNI 01-4107-1996
Krapu fish for consumption

SNI 01-4108-1996

SNI 01-4109-1996'
Dried abalone oyster meat

SNI 01-4110-1996
Frozen fish

SNI 04-4111-1996
Subscriber telephone terminals

SNI 13-4112-1996
Specification and test method of kaolin for paint

SNI 13-4113-1996
Specification and test method of limestone for tin ore concentrate melting

SNI 13-4114-1996
Specification and analysis procedure for Bangka LL tin metal

SNI 13-4115-1996
Specification and analysis of tin ore concentrate for tin melting

SNI 13-4116-1996
Determination of total carbon hydrogen content of coal by high temperature combustion method

SNI 13-4117-1996
Polished specimen preparation for ore micro- scopic

SNI 13-4118-1996
Colour test (staining) for feldspar identification

SNI 13-4119-1996
Determination of phosphorus in ash from coal using spectrophotometer

SNI 13-4120-1996
Method for sampling and preparation of non ferrous flotation concentrate

SNI 13-4121-1996
Handling, storage and transportation of solid cyanide compound

SNI 13-4122-1996
Occuptional safety on manual electrical welding

SNI 13-4123-1996
Code for measurement of methane gas on underground coal mining

SNI 13-4124-1996
Code for measurement of carbon monoxide gas on underground mining

SNI 13-4125-1996
Code for measurement of carbon dioxide gas on underground mining

SNI 13-4126-1996
Common detonator fusing in mining activities

SNI 19-4127-1996
Sign language for operation of crane

SNI 15-4128-1996
Specification and test method of manganese for ceramics

SNI 13-4129-1996
Procedures for welding or hot tapping on equipment containing flammable fluids

SNI 13-4130-1996
Recommended practices for repairing for pipe lines crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas and product

SNI 06-4131-1996
Classification and specification of gasoline, diesel type

SNI 10-4132-1996
Wooden sailboats for public transport with moving machines, with tonnage up to GT 1 50 - Safety requirement

SNI 01-4133-1996
Wooden sailboats for public transport with moving machines, with tonnage from more than GT 150 up to less than GT 300 - Safety requirement

SNI 10-4134-1996
Requirements for life-saving apparatus in ships

SNI 10-4135-1996
Requirements for life-saving apparatus in ships

SNI 10-4136-1996
Traffic sign system in A territorial waters

SNI 03-4137-1996
Test method for average thick and lenght of aggregates

SNI 06-4138-1996
Test method for soluble ferrous in water by spectrophotometer apparatus using fenantrolin

SNI 06-4139-1996
Test method for aggressive carbon dioxide content in water by titrimetric

SNI 06-4140-1996
Test method for primary productivity in water by soluble oxigen measurement

SNI 03-4141-1996
Test method for clay lump and friable particle in aggregates

SNI 03-4142-1996
Test method of amount material finer than 0.0075 mm sieve in aggregates

SNI 03-4143-1996
Test method for soil linear shrinkage

SNI 03-4144-1996
Test method for soil shrinkage volume

SNI 03-4155-1996
Test method for specific gravity of suspended sediment by picnometer

SNI 03-4146-1996
Test method for total nitrogen of suspended sediment by Kjeldahl distillation apparatus

SNI 03-4147-1996
Specification of lime for soil stabilization

SNI 03-4148-1996
Specification of this wall tube for sampling of undisturbed cohesive soil

SNI 18-4149-1996
Personnel qualification for operation and maintenance of nucier reactor

SNI 19-9000.3-1996
Quality management and quality assurance standards, Part 3. Guidelines for the application of SNI 9001 to the development, supply and maintenance of software

SNI 19-9004.3-1996
Quality management and quality system elements. Part 3 : Guidelines for processed materials

SNI 19-10012.1-1996
Quality assurance requirements for measuring equipment. Part 1 : Metrological confirmation systems for measuring equipment

SNI 19-10013-1996
Guidelines for the development of quality manual

SNI 03-0054-1996
Glazed ceramic wall tiles

SNI 08-0287-1996
Colour fastness to perspiration, Test method

SNI 12-0319-1996
Silver handicraft

SNI 03-0691-1996
Concrete brick (paving block)

SNI 06-0777-1996
Chrome tanned leather for gold gloves

SNI 12-1282'1996
Basket balls

SNI 12-1285-1996
Table tennis balls

SNI 12-1286-1996
Volley balls

SNI 03-1578-1996
Centrifugal reinforced concrete pipes

SNI 01-1682-1996
Coconut shell charcoal

SNI 01-2025-1996
Fancy plywood

SNI 12-2099-1996
Test method of lead and cadmium solubility of ceramic table wares

SNI 03-2105-1996
Specification of particle board

SNI 03-2134-1996
Glazed ceramic roof tile

SNI 01-2718-1996
Shrimp paste

SNI 01-3553-1996
Drinking water in package

SNI 19-8402-1996
Quality, Vocabulary

SNI 19-9001-1996
Quality systems - Model for quality assurance in design/development, production, installation and servicing

SNI 19-9002-1996
Quality systems - Model quality assurance in production and installation

SNI 19-9003-1996
Quality system - Model for quality assurance in final inspection and test