Glossary P

The Glossary for Quality Management +++ 'Project', 'Profile', 'Production'

Deutsch: Papier / Español: Papel / Português: Papel / Français: Papier / Italiano: Carta

In the quality management context, paper refers to a material used to record, store, and present information. The quality of paper can affect the readability, longevity, and overall appearance of the information recorded on it.

Deutsch: Fotografie / Español: Fotografia / Português: Fotografia / Français: Photographie / Italiano: Fotografia

In the quality management context, "photography" refers to the process of capturing and producing images, typically with the use of a camera and other imaging equipment. Photography can be an important aspect of quality management, as it can provide visual evidence of product quality, process performance, and customer satisfaction.

Prince2 stands for the second version of Projects in Controlled Environments. It is a project management method covering the organization, management and control of projects.

Deutsch: Produktion

In the quality management context, production refers to the process of creating goods or services. It involves transforming raw materials into finished products through a series of activities, such as assembly, packaging, and testing. The goal of quality management in production is to ensure that the final products meet the required specifications and standards, and are produced efficiently and effectively.

Deutsch: Profil / Español: Perfil / Português: Perfil / Français: Profil / Italiano: Profilo

In the context of quality management, a profile refers to a set of characteristics or attributes that describe a product, service, process, or organization. It can be used as a tool for evaluating and comparing the quality of different products, services, or processes, and for identifying areas for improvement.

In the context of quality management, a project refers to a specific, defined task or set of tasks that are undertaken to achieve a specific goal or objective. It is a temporary endeavor with a specific start and end date, and it typically involves a number of different activities or tasks that are planned, executed, and controlled in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Deutsch: Protokoll / Español: Protocolo / Português: Protocolo / Français: Protocole / Italiano: Protocollo

In the context of quality management, a protocol refers to a set of written instructions or guidelines that outline the steps to be followed in conducting a specific activity or process, with the aim of ensuring consistency and reproducibility of results.