Glossary S

The Glossary for Quality Management +++ 'Specification', 'Self Assessment Questionnaire', 'Six Sigma'

The Self Assessment Questionnaire is defined by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard  (PCI DSS).

In the context of quality management, service refers to the overall experience that a customer or user has when interacting with a company or organization. It includes the entire process of providing and delivering a product or service, from initial contact to final delivery and beyond.

Six Sigma refers to a process-focused methodology designed to improve business performance through improving specific areas of a strategic business processes.

A Specification (Shortcut: Spec.) is a technical standard. It consists of a set of requirements to be fulfilled by the product or service.

If at least one requirement is not met, the product is "out of spec."

While the above describes how a product/service should be, the term 'specification' is also used to describe, how a product7service really is. This would be more the meaning of a data-sheet.