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The Glossary for Quality Management +++ Popular Articles: 'Liquid', 'Lense', 'Legal Notice'

In the context of quality management, a Laboratory is a specialized facility equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, and personnel to conduct scientific and technical experiments, analyses, and tests. Laboratories play a crucial role in quality management by providing accurate and reliable data and results that help ensure the quality, safety, and compliance of products, processes, and systems across various industries.

A legal notice is a written communication that is used to inform someone of their legal rights or obligations, or to notify them of a legal action that is being taken against them. In the context of quality management, a legal notice might be used to inform a company or individual of a violation of a law, regulation, or standard that pertains to the quality of products or services.

A lens is an optical device that focuses or diverges light, often used in cameras, telescopes, microscopes, and other optical instruments.

Lense, in the context of quality management, refers to a specialized perspective or framework through which an organization or individual views and assesses the quality of a product, process, or system. This lens provides a specific focus or set of criteria that guide the evaluation of quality-related aspects. Lenses are often used to ensure that quality standards, requirements, and objectives are met effectively, allowing for a thorough and targeted analysis of quality attributes.

Limb, in the context of quality management, refers to a distinct component or part of a process, system, or organization that can be assessed and managed separately for quality improvement. A limb is a functional or operational unit that contributes to the overall quality of a larger entity. Quality management often involves the examination, optimization, and control of individual limbs to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness of the entire system.

English: Liquid / Deutsch: Flüssig / Español: Líquido / Português: Líquido / Français: Liquide / Italiano: Liquido /

In the context of quality management,, "liquid" typically refers to the ability of an organization to be flexible and adaptable in the face of changing circumstances. Like a liquid, an organization that is "liquid" is able to flow and change shape to meet the needs of its environment.

- List of Asean Standards approved/withdrawn/amended in 1996 (Vietnam) :

TCVN 6095 - 1995


TCVN 6096 - 1995
Bottled drinking water

TCVN 6199/1 - 1995
Water quality. Determination of selected monorealent fenolas. Part 1 : Gas chromatographic method after enrichment by extraction

TCVN 6201 - 1995
Water quality. Determination of calcium and magnesium. Atomic absorption spectrometric method.

- List of Asean Standards approved/withdrawn/amended in 1996 (Indonesia) : SNI 19-4000-1996
Terms of definitions related to low-cycle fatigue
testing at constant-amplitude test

SNI 19-4001-1996
Creep-rupture test method for metallic materials

SNI 19-4002