Glossary J

The Glossary for Quality Management +++ Popular Articles: 'Just in Time', 'JIT', 'Judgment'

Deutsch: Urteil / Español: Juicio / Português: Julgamento / Français: Jugement / Italiano: Giudizio

Judgment in the context of quality management refers to the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions based on the analysis of data, processes, and outcomes. It involves using experience, knowledge, and critical thinking to evaluate the quality of products, services, or processes and to determine the best course of action to maintain or improve quality standards.

Deutsch: Gerade rechtzeitig / Español: Justo a Tiempo / Português: Justo a Tempo / Français: Juste à Temps / Italiano: Appena in tempo /

Just in Time (JIT) is the cornerstone philosophy of Lean Manufacturing and MRP.

Using the just-in-time philosophy, raw materials arrive no earlier than they are required to reduce costs and inefficiencies associated with large inventory.