Glossary B

The Glossary for Quality Management +++ Popular Articles: 'Biphenyl', 'Bs15000', 'British Standards Institution'

Deutsch: Schwellenwert / Español: Umbral / Português: Limite / Français: Seuil / Italiano: Soglia

Bar in the quality management context refers to a standard or criterion used to measure and evaluate performance, processes, or products. This term is often used to set the minimum acceptable level of quality that must be met or exceeded.

Deutsch: Strichcode / Español: Código de barras / Português: Código de barras / Français: Code-barres / Italian: Codice a barre

Barcode is a method of representing data in a visual, machine-readable form. In the quality management context, barcodes play a critical role in tracking, monitoring, and managing products, inventory, and processes to ensure high standards of quality and efficiency.

Deutsch: Biphenyl / Español: Biphenyl / Português: Biphenyl / Français: Biphenyl / Italiano: Biphenyl /

Biphenyl in the quality management context refers to a chemical compound that is utilized in various industries for its properties as a preservative, a dye carrier, and in the manufacturing of polymers and resins. Its chemical formula is C12H10, consisting of two benzene rings connected by a single bond, making it a stable and versatile organic compound. In quality management, particularly in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, managing the use of biphenyl involves ensuring its application adheres to safety standards, regulatory requirements, and quality specifications to prevent contamination, ensure product safety, and maintain consumer health.

'Blast-cleaning' refers to a method of surface preparation and cleaning that involves the use of high-pressure air or other abrasive materials to remove contaminants, coatings, or surface imperfections from a substrate. It is a widely used technique in various industries to prepare surfaces for further treatment or to achieve a desired level of cleanliness. Blast-cleaning plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and integrity of surfaces, as it helps remove contaminants that could affect the performance, durability, or appearance of a product.

BPA has different meanings.

  1. Business process automation
  2. BPA Systems is a company producing supply chain management software.
  3. Business process analysis

BPM stands for Business Process Management. BPM is a business improvement strategy based on documenting, analyzing, and redesigning processes for greater performance..

Deutsch: Helligkeit / Español: Brillo / Português: Brilho / Français: Luminosité / Italian: Luminosità

Brightness in quality management refers to the clarity and transparency of processes, communication, and data. It denotes how well information is illuminated and understood within an organization, contributing to better decision-making and efficient operations.

Deutsch: Britisches Normungsinstitut / Español: Instituto de Normas Británicas / Português: Instituto Britânico de Normas / Français: Institut des Normes Britanniques / Italiano: Ente Nazionale di Normazione Britannico /

The British Standards Institution (BSI) or short "British Standards" is the National Standards Body of the UK responsible for facilitating, drafting, publishing and marketing standards and related information products. British Standards provides organizations with leading-edge best practice solutions that represent and support the needs of UK business and society at home and abroad.