Deutsch: Messung / Español: Medición / Português: Medição / Français: Mesure / Italiano: Misurazione /

In the context of quality management, measurement refers to the process of quantifying a characteristic or attribute of a product, service, or process..

The goal of measurement is to determine the current level of performance or quality and to identify areas for improvement. Measurement provides the data and information that is needed to make decisions, evaluate progress, and control processes.

Examples of measurements in quality management include:

  • Measuring the number of defects in a manufacturing process
  • Measuring the percentage of on-time deliveries in a supply chain
  • Measuring customer satisfaction through surveys or interviews
  • Measuring the number of errors or defects in a software application
  • Measuring the time taken to complete a task
  • Measuring the compliance to industry standards

It's worth to mention that measurement should be relevant, reliable, and consistent to be useful for quality management.

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