Glossary G

The Glossary for Quality Management +++ Popular Articles: 'Goal', 'Grade'

Deutsch: Ziel / Español: Objetivo / Português: Objetivo / Français: Objectif / Italiano: Obiettivo /

Goal in the quality management context refers to a specific and measurable objective or target that an organization aims to achieve to improve its overall performance, quality, and efficiency. Goals serve as guiding principles and benchmarks, helping organizations prioritize activities, allocate resources, and monitor progress toward continuous improvement. They are essential for defining the direction and purpose of quality management efforts.

Deutsch: Governance / Español: Gobernanza / Português: Governança / Français: Gouvernance / Italiano: Governance

In the quality management context, "Governance" refers to the system of rules, practices, and processes by which an organization ensures that its quality management system (QMS) is effectively implemented and continuously improved. Governance involves oversight, accountability, and the direction of the organization’s quality policies and objectives to ensure they are aligned with the overall business strategy and meet the requirements of customers and other stakeholders.

Deutsch: Grad / Português: Grade / Français: Grade / Italiano: Grade

In the quality management context, "grade" refers to the level of quality or performance that a product, service, or process meets. It is often used interchangeably with "quality level" or "class,," and is an important consideration when assessing the overall quality of a product or service.

Deutsch: Garantie / Español: Garantía / Português: Garantia / Français: Garantie / Italiano: Garanzia

Guarantee in the quality management context refers to a commitment made by an organization to its customers that a product or service will meet certain predefined quality standards. It assures customers that the product or service is reliable, meets specified requirements, and, in cases where it fails to meet these standards, that there will be remediation, often in the form of repairs, replacements, or refunds. A guarantee is a key aspect of customer satisfaction and trust, reinforcing the organization's dedication to quality and its confidence in the performance of its offerings.