Glossary R

The Glossary for Quality Management +++ Popular Articles: 'Resistance', 'Rubber', 'Reference'

Deutsch: Strahlung / Español: Radiación / Português: Radiação / Français: Radiation / Italiano: Radiazione /

In the quality management context, "radiation" refers to the emission and transmission of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles. It is a phenomenon that can have significant implications for quality management, particularly in industries where radiation sources or processes are present. Understanding and managing radiation is crucial to ensure the safety and compliance of products, processes, and environments.

Deutsch: Reaktion / Español: Reacción / Português: Reação / Français: Réaction / Italiano: Reazione

Reaction in the context of quality management refers to the actions taken in response to a quality issue or non-conformance detected in a process, product, or service. These actions aim to address and rectify the problem to prevent recurrence and ensure continuous improvement.

Deutsch: Realität / Español: Realidad / Português: Realidade / Français: Réalité / Italiano: Realtà

In the quality management context, "Reality" refers to the actual conditions, outcomes, and performance levels of products or services as experienced by customers or measured during quality evaluations. It encompasses the tangible aspects of quality, contrasting with theoretical models or expectations. Understanding reality in quality management is crucial for accurately assessing the effectiveness of quality systems, identifying gaps between expected and actual performance, and implementing practical improvements.

Deutsch: Empfänger / Español: Destinatario / Português: Destinatário / Français: Bénéficiaire / Italiano: Destinatario /

In the context of quality management, a recipient refers to an individual, group, or organization that receives the output or benefits from a quality management system (QMS) or process. This can include customers who receive products or services, employees who benefit from improved working conditions, or other stakeholders such as suppliers and partners who are involved in or affected by the quality management practices of an organization.

Deutsch: Empfehlung / Español: Recomendación / Português: Recomendação / Français: Recommandation / Italiano: Raccomandazione

Recommendation in the context of quality management refers to advice or suggestions provided to improve the quality of a product, service, or process. These recommendations are often the result of audits, reviews, customer feedback, or analysis of processes and are aimed at enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Deutsch: Aufzeichnung / Español: Registro / Português: Registro / Français: Enregistrement / Italiano: Registrazione

In the context of quality management, a record refers to the documented evidence of activities performed or results achieved that provides a historical account of compliance with quality standards and the performance of quality processes. These records are essential for demonstrating conformity to specified requirements and supporting the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Deutsch: Aufzeichnung / Español: Grabación / Português: Gravação / Français: Enregistrement / Italiano: Registrazione /

Recording is the process of capturing data or translating information to a recording format stored on some storage medium, which is often referred to as a record or, especially if an auditory or visual medium, a recording.

Deutsch: Referenz / Español: Referencia / Italiano: Reference

In the quality management context, a reference is a standard or benchmark used for comparison and evaluation. References are used to determine if a product, process,, or service meets specified requirements or standards.