Deutsch: Information / Español: Información / Português: Informação / Français: Information / Italiano: Informazione

Information is knowledge about something. It consists of symbols (characters, digits) which can be formed to a message.

In a quality management system, any document, status, result, report is an information. These information are proving the correctness of the past and influence (correct) the next actions.

Information can be stored, transferred, modified, enhanced or encrypted.

Encrypted information allows only receivers, who can decrypt ot, to form a message.

The amount of information is measured in bits.

The amount of an information is not proportional to the length of the message. There might be some redundancies.

In general: The bigger the surprise about the message, the more information came with this message.

This means, if you know already the content of an incoming message, the information of this message for you is zero.

If you think, you know the content, but find it good to have a confirmation, then the information is tiny but still greater than zero.

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