Deutsch: Register / Español: Registro / Português: Registo / Français: Registre / Italiano: Registro
Register or registration may refer to a device for recording cash transactions and storing cash or a set of documents and certifications.

In the context of quality management, a register is a systematic and organized record of information related to a specific aspect of quality management. A register can be used to track, monitor, and control the implementation and effectiveness of quality management processes, and to provide a historical record of quality management activities.

Examples of registers in quality management include:

  1. Document register: A record of all the documents related to the quality management system, including policies, procedures, work instructions, and records.

  2. Non-conformance register: A record of any deviations from established procedures or standards, and the corrective actions taken to address them.

  3. Training register: A record of the training provided to employees, including the content, duration, and attendees of each training session.

  4. Supplier register: A record of all suppliers and the products or services they provide, along with information on their performance, quality, and delivery.

  5. Customer complaints register: A record of all customer complaints, including the date received, nature of the complaint, and actions taken to address the complaint.

  6. Internal audit register: A record of the internal audit schedule, the scope of each audit, and the results of the audit.

By maintaining these registers, organizations can ensure that their quality management processes are properly implemented, monitored, and improved over time, and that they can demonstrate compliance with quality management standards and regulatory requirements.

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