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In the quality management context, "Nature" refers to the inherent characteristics and properties of a product or service that determine its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. It encompasses the fundamental aspects that make a product or service what it is, including its materials, design, functionality, and performance standards. Understanding the nature of a product or service is crucial in quality management because it lays the foundation for setting quality objectives, standards, and criteria against which the product or service is developed, produced, and evaluated.


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Quality management focuses on ensuring that products or services meet or exceed customer expectations consistently. The nature of a product or service directly influences how quality is defined, measured, and controlled within an organization. It involves a detailed analysis of what the product or service consists of, how it is supposed to function, and what needs it is intended to fulfill. This understanding helps in identifying key quality attributes, potential defects, and areas for improvement.

Application Areas

In quality management, the nature of a product or service applies to various aspects, including:

  • Design Quality: Refers to the planning and intention behind the product or service, ensuring it is built to meet customer needs from the outset.
  • Conformance Quality: Ensures the product or service is produced or delivered according to the specifications derived from its intended design and purpose.
  • Performance Quality: Focuses on how well the product or service performs its intended functions in real-world conditions.


For a smartphone, its nature includes its hardware specifications, software capabilities, user interface design, and overall user experience. In quality management, understanding these aspects helps in setting quality standards for durability, speed, ease of use, and customer satisfaction.

For a consultancy service, the nature involves the expertise provided, the methods used to deliver this expertise, and the expected outcomes for the client. Quality management in this context would focus on ensuring the service meets professional standards, delivers value, and achieves client objectives.


Articles with 'Nature' in the title

  • Signature: Signature in the quality management context refers to the formal endorsement or approval of documents, processes, or products, indicating that they meet specified quality standards and requirements


In the context of quality management, the nature of a product or service is a fundamental concept that describes its inherent characteristics and the requirements it aims to fulfill. A deep understanding of this nature is essential for setting appropriate quality standards, designing effective production processes, and ensuring that the final output meets or exceeds customer expectations.

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