Deutsch: Beobachtung / Español: Observación / Português: Observação / Français: Observation / Italiano: Osservazione
In the quality management context, "Observation" refers to the systematic process of monitoring, recording, and analyzing specific aspects of a product, service, or process to ensure that it meets established quality standards and requirements. Observation is a crucial component of quality control and assurance activities, enabling organizations to identify variances from quality specifications, understand the root causes of quality issues, and implement corrective actions to maintain or improve quality levels.


Image demonstrating Observation in the quality management context

Observation in quality management involves the use of various methods and tools to collect data on the performance and effectiveness of quality processes. It can be qualitative, focusing on the characteristics that are not measured numerically, or quantitative, involving measurements and statistical analysis.

Application Areas

  • Process Monitoring: Continuous or periodic observation of processes to ensure they are operating within defined parameters.
  • Product Inspection: Examining products to identify defects or deviations from desired quality standards.
  • Service Evaluation: Assessing the quality of services provided to customers to ensure they meet or exceed customer expectations.

Well-Known Examples

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC): A method of quality control that uses statistical techniques to monitor and control a process.
  • Quality Audits: Systematic examinations of quality management systems to determine compliance with established standards and effectiveness in achieving quality objectives.



Observation is a fundamental technique in quality management that helps organizations monitor and analyze the quality of their products, services, and processes. Through effective observation, companies can detect and address quality issues promptly, ensuring continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


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