The Iso 1217 1996 is a standard with the Title: Displacement compressors. Acceptance tests.

ISO 1217:1996 specifies methods for acceptance tests regarding volume rate of flow and power requirements of displacement compressors. It also specifies methods for testing liquid-ring type compressors as in annex A.

This International Standard specifies the operating and testing conditions which shall be agreed between the manufacturer and purchaser when a full performance test is specified.

For air compressors manufactured in batches or in continuous production quantities and sold against performance data published in manufacturers' sales, literature tests as described in annexes B, C and D are considered equivalent alternatives.

Detailed instructions are given for a full performance test including the measurement of volume flow rate and power requirement, the correction of measured values to specified conditions, and means of comparing the corrected values with the guarantee conditions. The tolerances to be applied to the measurement of flow, power, specific power, etc. for all acceptance tests carried out in accordance with this International Standard shall be agreed between the manufacturer and purchaser at the contractual stage or certainly prior to the execution of the tests. This International Standard specifies methods for determining the value of such tolerances.

Annex E of this International Standard specifies standard inlet conditions for reference purposes

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