Photography. Direct-exposing medical and dental radiographic film/process systems. Determination of ISO speed and ISO average gradient

ISO 5800:1987
Photography. Colour negative films for still photography. Determination of ISO speed

ISO 5805:1997
Mechanical vibration and shock. Human exposure. Vocabulary

ISO 5809:1994
Starches and derived products. Determination of sulfated ash

ISO 5810:1994
Starches and derived products. Determination of chloride content. Potentiometric method

ISO 5826:2003
Resistance welding equipment. Transformers. General specifications applicable to all transformers

ISO 5828:2001
Resistance welding equipment. Secondary connecting cables with terminals connected to water-cooled lugs. Dimensions and characteristics

ISO 5832-2:1999
Implants for surgery. Metallic materials. Unalloyed titanium

ISO 5833:2002
Implants for surgery. Acrylic resin cements

ISO 5834-1:1998
Implants for surgery. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Powder form

ISO 5834-2:1998
Implants for surgery. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Moulded forms

ISO 5841-2:2000
Implants for surgery. Cardiac pacemakers. Reporting of clinical performance of populations of pulse generators or leads

ISO 5845-1:1999
Technical drawings. Simplified representation of the assemby of parts with fasteners. General principles

ISO 5893:2002
Rubber and plastics test equipment. Tensile, flexural and compression types (constant rate of traverse). Specification

ISO 5894:1999
Ships and marine technology. Manholes with bolted covers

ISO TR 5925-2:1997
Fire tests. Smoke control door and shutter assemblies. Commentary on test method and test data application

ISO 5961:1995
Water quality. Determination of cadmium by atomic absorption spectrometry

ISO 5981:1997
Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics. Determination of resistance to combined shear flexing and rubbing

ISO 5984:2002
Animal feeding stuffs. Determination of crude ash

ISO 5985:2002
Animal feeding stuffs. Determination of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid

ISO 5989:1995
Photography. Pre-packaged chemicals for the processing of silver halide based photographic materials. Vocabulary

ISO 5990:2000
Photography. Processing chemicals. Specifications for potassium sulfite, 650 g/l solution

ISO 5991:1979
Essential oils. Determination of residue content from distillation under reduced pressure

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