Glossary D

The Glossary for Quality Management +++ 'Determination', 'Detection', 'Documentation'
- DD ISO/TS 17090-2:2002 : Health informatics. Public key infrastructure. Certificate profile
DD ISO/TS 17090-3:2002
Health informatics. Public key infrastructure. Policy management of certification authority
- DD ISO/TS 17117:2002 : Health informatics. Controlled health terminology.. Structure and high-level indicators
- DD ISO/TS 17764-1:2002 : Animal feeding stuffs. Determination of the content of fatty acids. Preparation of methyl esters

Español: Descripción  / Português: Descrição / Français: Description / Italiano: Descrizione
Description is one of four rhetorical modes (also known as modes of discourse), along with exposition, argumentation, and narration. Each of the rhetorical modes is present in a variety of forms and each has its own purpose and conventions. 

In the context of quality management, "designation" refers to the assignment or appointment of a person, team, or organization to a specific role or responsibility in the implementation of quality management systems and processes..

In the context of quality management, "detection" refers to the process of identifying and discovering defects, errors, or deviations from desired quality standards. It involves the use of various techniques, tools, and systems to detect and address issues at different stages of the production or service delivery process. Detection plays a crucial role in ensuring that non-conformities are identified and corrected before they reach the customer.

Deutsch: Determination / Français: Détermination / Italiano: Determinazione

In quality management, determination refers to the process of making a decision or taking action based on the results of a measurement or evaluation. Determination is an important part of the quality management process,, as it allows organizations to make informed decisions about the quality of their products, services, and processes and to take appropriate corrective actions when necessary.

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