The ISO 11323:2002 is a standard regarding Iron ore and direct reduced iron. Vocabulary

ISO 11323:2002 is a standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that provides a vocabulary for terms related to iron ore and direct reduced iron (DRI). Iron ore is a mineral that is extracted from the earth and is typically used as a raw material in the production of iron and steel. DRI is a form of iron that is produced from the direct reduction of iron ore, typically using natural gas or other reducing agents.

The ISO 11323:2002 standard defines a range of terms related to iron ore and DRI, including terms for different types of iron ore and DRI, as well as terms for the processes and technologies involved in their production. The standard also includes terms for the properties and characteristics of iron ore and DRI, such as their chemical composition and physical properties.

The ISO 11323:2002 standard is intended to provide a consistent and standardized vocabulary for use in the iron and steel industry, and it is widely used by manufacturers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in this sector. It is designed to help improve communication and understanding within the industry and to facilitate the exchange of information and data related to iron ore and DRI.

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