In the quality management context, "moulding" refers to the process of shaping and forming a material into a desired shape or design. In this context, it is typically used to describe the process of shaping plastic or metal products, such as toys, household items, or automotive parts.

Examples of moulding in the quality management context include:

  • Injection moulding, where molten plastic is injected into a mould and allowed to cool and harden into the desired shape
  • Blow moulding, where a tube of molten plastic is inflated into a mould to form a hollow product
  • Die casting, where molten metal is forced into a mould to form a solid metal product

Quality management in moulding processes involves ensuring that the product meets specific quality standards and customer requirements, such as dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and consistency in appearance. This may involve inspecting the moulds, monitoring production processes, and performing final quality checks on the finished products to identify and address any defects or non-conformities. Effective quality management in moulding processes helps to ensure that the end product meets the desired quality standards, is safe for use, and meets customer expectations.

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