Title: Fibre-reinforced plastics. Methods of producing test plates. General conditions

ISO 1268-1:2001 parts of ISO 1268 (see the foreword) describe methods used to prepare reinforced-plastics plates from which test specimens can be cut. This allows the properties of a composite, or the constituents of the composite, to be determined. The methods are intended to cover all the main types of reinforcement and resin matrix.

The choice of test plate preparation method depends on:

the reinforcement:
its nature (glass, carbon, aramid, etc.);
its form (roving, mat, woven fabric, etc.);
its orientation with respect to the length, width and thickness of the plate;
its content in the reinforced plastic;
the matrix (thermosetting or thermoplastic);
the magnitude expected for the properties;
the production process that is to be evaluated.
Since the mechanical properties of a reinforced plastic are known to be dependent on the process by which the plastic is produced, it is recommended that the test plates be prepared, if possible, by the same method that will be used to produce the plastic.

This part of ISO 1268 describes the general requirements common to all the methods

Quelle: 130174/2006-10-31