The Iso 1007 2000 is a standard with the Title: Photography. 135-size film and magazine. Specifications

ISO 1007:2000 specifies the following:

1) dimensions of film lengths;
2) latent-image frame numbering;
3) latent-image digital bar-codes to identify the film DX number;
4) dimensions of daylight-loading film magazines for use with 135-size cameras;
5) a magazine bar-code that identifies the film's DX number as well as the number of exposures;
6) camera auto-sensing areas, which provide an electrically readable encodement of film speed, number of exposures, and recommended exposure latitude for use with appropriately designed cameras;
7) an information panel on which the film identification, speed and number of exposures are visible through a window in the back of appropriately designed cameras;
8) film pull-out force specification;
9) film-spool attachment strength specification.

This International Standard is not intended to apply to “bulk” 35-mm film used for reloading into 135-size magazines, nor to the reloadable magazines themselves. Also, this standard does not apply to 135-size film and magazines that are used in single-use camera applications.

Quelle: 130118/2006-10-31