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In the context of quality management, a profile refers to a set of characteristics or attributes that describe a product, service, process,, or organization. It can be used as a tool for evaluating and comparing the quality of different products, services, or processes, and for identifying areas for improvement.

Examples of profiles in the quality management context include:

  • A customer profile, which describes the demographics, needs, and preferences of a company's target market
  • A process profile, which describes the steps, inputs, and outputs of a specific business process
  • A product profile, which describes the features, specifications, and performance characteristics of a product
  • An organization profile, which describes the structure, culture, and values of an organization
  • A supplier profile, which describes the capabilities and performance of a supplier.

It's worth to mention that profile is a useful tool for quality management as it can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of a product, service, process or organization, and provide a basis for setting quality objectives and targets.

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