Title: Permanently Installed Product and Solution Pipelines and Cleaning Systems Used in Milk and Milk Product Processing Plants

3A 605-04 Accepted Practices provide for the installation and mechanical cleaning and sanitizing of rigid pipelines used for milk and milk processing systems in which the connections are welded or are provided with permanently installed CIP fittings. These 3-A Accepted Practices also specify materials, fabrication and other requirements for the rigid cleaning solution lines and for the mechanical cleaning (CIP) unit which circulates the pre-rinse, rinse, cleaning solutions and post-rinse liquids used for cleaning and sanitizing the product pipelines and process equipment. The mechanical cleaning and sanitizing of individual items of equipment may be found in the 3-A Sanitary Standards covering the specific equipment. This practice does not pertain to cleaning systems used on dairy farms, nor to large diameter piping used for conveying dry product in milk drying or instantizing systems. (See Appendix, Section P for an example of a mechanical (CIP) cleaning unit.)

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